Description of Canopy Zip Line Tour

Among the various Zip Lines, one has the distinction of being the longest zip line in Costa Rica, in fact, in all of Central America. This amazing Zip Line is over 4,300 feet (almost a mile!). It includes 14 Tree platforms, 6 hanging bridges, 3 nature walks, 1 double belay rappel, 10 double anchored zip lines, totaling over 3.6 kilometers in total length.

All of those impressive features help make it one of your most memorable Costa Rica, lifetime adventure experiences.

Your Zip Line Canopy adventure includes an exhilarating, interesting tour, delicious Costa Rican lunch, some photos, bi-lingual guides (Spanish and English), and round trip transportation from your hotel or villa, in the Manuel Antonio, Quepos area, to the Canopy Place.

The Canopy Zip Line Adventure features a unique touch-less system, which allows the rider to relax and enjoy the zip line ride and the magnificent views, without the worry of braking, at the end of the lines. Same adrenaline, more safety! This touch-less system also frees up your hands, to take photos, which you’ll love sharing with friends, who will be thrilled to see all of the exciting action.