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Looking for an Exciting Zip Line Adventure in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica? Well you are in the right place. Our company provides you with the most complete Canopy Package where we include a wide variety of Zip Lines (The Longest in Costa Rica) and a Friendly Staff that is there along the way to ensure you have a Fantastic Canopy Tour.  


One of the Most Popular Tours in Manuel Antonio

Our Zip Line Excursion is one of the most popular tours here in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and it is with good reason.  You get a good dose of adrenaline and you get to view lush mountains, plus even see some wildlife.

For the Zip Lining you have the option of booking 3 different departure times:  7:30 a.m.  10:30 a.m. 1:30 p.m. Transportation is provided so we will pick you up right at your Hotel or Villa within the area of Manuel Antonio & Quepos.

Included in each trip is a Costa Rican Lunch, a Certified & Bilingual Guide, Drinks, Fruit, Snacks & Free Photography. 


First Time Zip Lining? 

If you have never done a Zip Line Tour before and are worried about it being the first time, no worries, we have you covered. 

If this is the first time you go Zip Lining, do not worry, our professional Zip Line Crew is there with you during the entire adventure.  Another benefit about our Zip Line Adventure is that we provide you with the Safest Gear to ensure a high safety standard. 


Check out what people have to say about our Zip Line Tour

We welcome you to read testimonials from our guests to see what they have to say about our Fun Zip Line Adventure.   It is easy to say that you provide the best service but its another thing when other people say it.  

Why book with Manuel Antonio Zip Line Adventures?

 Complete & Professional Canopy Experience

Manuel Antonio Zip Line Adventures gives the most complete and professional canopy experience by providing tree platforms, hanging bridges, nature walks, a double belay rapper, and ultra-safe double anchored zip lines. We take customer satisfaction very seriously here in our Company and we are always looking to make sure you enjoy and have the best time possible during our Zip Line Excursion. 

You can get more details and images by heading over to our Tour Description.

Olga Alderson
Olga Alderson
06:44 13 Sep 18
Very professional zip line company. Myself and my 2 brothers booked the 7:30 zipline tour and all we can say is the crew was incredible and the canopy lines are super fun and safe. One of the best activities we did in Costa Rica. Thank you guys for a great time.
Lisa Gingrich
Lisa Gingrich
07:54 10 Sep 18
My wife and I we have done zip lining before in other places but this was the best zip line tour. What made it special for us was the zip lines are perfectly mixed in with the Costa Rican Forest and the mountain views were really beautiful. Not to mention, more than 9 Zip Lines plus one was more than 1 mile long. Food was great and our Guide Jorge did an amazing job the whole tour. We hope to be back in Costa Rica soon and will definitely book with Manuel Antonio zipline adventures.
Yetta Bakos
Yetta Bakos
07:29 13 Aug 18
Wonderful canopy zip line experience! This is our first time zip lining and we were debating to book or not because of our slight fear of heights. We called and were told that the equipment they have is extremely safe plus they have double zip lines which made us feel even safer. The tour guide Adrian is Amazing. He pointed out several plants and animals during their nature walk and was very professional the entire time. We were delighted with the lunch they served us, it was very tasty. All around, these guys have a tight operation and I recommend Manuel Antonio Zipline Adventures to anyone looking for a great canopy ride.
Analilia Eplett
Analilia Eplett
07:51 25 Jul 18
This was the highlight of our Vacation to Manuel Antonio. Riding one of the longest zip lines in Costa Rica was a rush of adrenaline. The canopy platforms are built very safely and the staff is there during the entire time so they are always making sure you feel comfortable and secure. The food was really good. Before you start your walk to the actual canopy platforms, the guide gives you specific safety instructions which we all appreciated because some of our group members wanted to chicken out but it all turned out to be great as we had a fantastic time. We hope to be back soon!
Sandra Hatham
Sandra Hatham
10:18 23 Jul 18
Thank you so much to Manuel Antonio Zip Line Adventures and our Guide Jorge who was amazing and incredibly professional. The van picked us (total of 5 people) right at our House which we rented in Manuel Antonio. We book the 7:30 Zip Line tour because they informed us that since it is rainy season, the morning would be best. We all felt very safe with the equipment they provided and the Food which was a Costa Rican lunch was delicious. The nature walks and hanging bridges are a true plus to the tour. Highly recommend Manuel Antonio Zip Line Adventures.
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Book a Private Zip Line Adventure


You can also book a Private Zip Line Tour where it would be just you and your group with no other passengers.  The departure times for a Private Zip Line Adventure are the same as a shared tour but what really changes is the exclusiveness of the adventure since you get a complete one on one with our Guides.  We can do Private Zip Line Excursions for large groups as well as small groups.  You can contact us filling out the form and let us know how many people are in your group and we will send you a Quote for the Private Zip Line Excursion.  The best part is requesting a quote is Free!

Certified Canopy Guides who speak English & Spanish.   

Communication is a huge part of providing an excellent experience for our customers which is why our Certified Guides speak English & Spanish. You will receive a full detailed safety explanation in both languages and if you have any questions, our guides are there to help from the beginning of the zip lining tour.

Free Photo Service

If you didn’t bring your camera, no worries, we have a professional photographer who can take amazing pictures during the tour.

Easy & Secure Online Booking

We have an easy online booking system to allow you for a quick and effortless booking process. When you head over to our Contact Page you will see a Step by Step guide as to how to reserve your spot on our Zip Line Tour. 

Manuel Antonio Zip Line Adventures

Of all the things to do in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, canopy and zip line tours are perhaps the most unique adventures available. You could experience most of Manuel Antonio’s other activities, in many other places.

However, very few places have the rich eco system, found in this rain forest, which provides the sights and sounds of the canopy of this tropical paradise.  Manuel Antonio, Quepos has an unequalled abundance of flora and fauna,  Where else could you find 3 species of indigenous monkeys, sloths, iguanas, tapers, coatis, agoutis, …… and much more. Many of those animals live in the canopy of the lush, tropical forest. The forest in Manuel Antonio is a veritable green house of countless plant species. Viewing that rich flora, from the canopy, affords a unique perspective. A close up glimpse of a beautiful, Tucan or exotic parrot  lapa as it is called Spanish), is a thrill, that few visitors to the enchanting rain forest, can ever forget. What better chance to sight one, than to be up in their natural habitat? The Parrots, parakeets and Macaws are hard to miss, because of their constant chatter. They are among the most “talkative” of birds, but few visitors to the canopy complain about the noise, if they are fortunate enough to observe these beautiful birds.

Canopy Manuel Antonio

Combine wildlife and nature viewing with the adrenaline rush of one of the most exhilarating experiences imagineable, as you zip line through the canopy. The zip line run is much more than a thrilling ride. You can go at your own speed, affording you the choice between an adrenalin rush, or a slower “cruise” through the lush canopy, during which you can view more of the abundant wildlife. Very few experiences offer the rare combination of wildlife viewing and thrills.

Whether you are a student of biology, zoology, botany, ornithology, or just someone who appreciates the beauty and wonder of nature, the zip line canopy tour, is a fantastic experience. Don’t forget to bring something, with which you can capture some of the fascinating wildlife. Videos are especially suited to capture the thrilling motion of a zip line run. Your friends will thrill to the exciting footage of you “flying” through the forest canopy.

Zip Line Manuel Antonio

Zip Lin Tour Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

The right zip lining canopy experience for you

What is the primary interest, that brought you to Zip Line Tours, Manuel Antonio?

No two Canopy Zip Line Tours are identical, just as each individual person’s needs and interests are unique. Perhaps your primary goal is to find the most exhilarating Zip Line “ride”. Or, maybe you are more interested in viewing wildlife.

Then too, you might be concerned about how strenuous the hike and climb to the Zip Line platforms are. You might even be worried about where and when there will be “restroom breaks”.

We offer different types of Canopy Tours, catering to your particular focus of interest. Once we know, what it is that you are seeking, we will recommend the Canopy Zip Line experience, most suitable for you.

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